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Response calculator for access and correction requests

Use this calculator to work out the latest date (usually 20 working days) by when an agency must respond to you if you make a request to access or correct your personal information.

Wondering what you can do if you think a child is at risk? Here's the Privacy Commissioner telling you exactly what you should do (tell someone!) and whether you'll get in trouble (you won't!). 

New on the website

Our new general privacy brochure

We have produced a general privacy brochure. It's called Your personal information - Know your privacy rights - English version or Te Reo version. Get your copy now by ordering it from us at orders@privacy.org.nz.

Case note 282974 [2017] NZ PrivCmr 7: Woman wants Police to correct record of wilful damage incident

A woman complained to our office that Police failed to adequately respond to her request for information about a wilful damage incident at her home in 2015. The woman said Police made a significant mistake in noting her account of the incident and she had tried without success to get Police to change it.

Three privacy codes to be amended - Intelligence and Security Act 2017

Privacy Commissioner John Edwards is proposing to amend three privacy codes - telecommunications, credit and health - to align them with changes set out in the Intelligence and Security Act 2017.

Featured items

Learn the privacy basics in our newest online training module

Free privacy education. Online, any time, from anywhere

Privacy ABC is our newest online training module. It uses a variety of scenarios to teach you the privacy basics in 30 minutes or less. As well as Privacy ABC, we have a module on privacy in employent, along with Privacy 101, which is a deeper dive into the  Privacy Act. We also have  modules on the Health Information Privacy Code and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code -- and more! Register here today.

Introducing the Priv-o-matic

The Priv-o-matic: our new privacy statement generator. Get your privacy statement sorted in five minutes. All you’ll need is a good understanding of your business. Try it out here.

Privacy News

Syndicated privacy news from the Privacy Commissioner, and around the world.